Grammy-winning recording artist and Oscar-nominated actress, Mary J. Blige is the cover of Health Magazine. She covers topics ranging from the Black Lives Matter movement, Mental Health and Self-Love.

Picture: Health Mag/ Itaysha Jordan

For someone who has overcome addiction and has gone through a public divorce in 2018, this is what Blige had to say about self-love. “Self-love is the hardest thing to feel because we live in a world where everybody is hurting. Until you get satisfied with who you are, other people won’t be satisfied. That’s the growing process.”

On her support of Black Lives Matter, she said, “Racism has always been a problem, and this was the breaking point and caused a reaction around the world. There are so many things I want to see change, and things are changing, thank God.”

On how she cares for her mental health she said, “I meditate and pray on the things that are positive, not the lies that are negative.”