Marcus Rashford after clashing with politicians on social media for their refusal to feed hungry school children over the half term and Christmas break, he has joined forces with local businesses around the UK to offer free meals.

Mr Scully, the Minister for London tried to defend the government by saying: “We have put a Universal Credit system in place which allows flexibility for people to go back to work, topping up their incomes, so they don’t have the cliff edge of the old benefit system which we saw under the old Labour government.”

Picture: Marcus Rashford/Instagram

Asked if it was acceptable for children to go hungry, he said: “No it’s not, which is why I’m saying we have been looking at how we can help parents in the long term.”

Secretary Kate Green disagreed with his comments and insisted he apologise for the “disgraceful” remarks as it comes as a “slap in the face” to struggling families.

She said: ” Rising child poverty and more families going hungry is the shameful legacy of the Conservatives’ decade in power.

“Paul Scully should apologise for his disgraceful comment and Conservative MPs should do something about this injustice by supporting Labour’s plan to ensure no child goes hungry over Christmas.”

As it stands, the government has yet to make a change and with the likes of Marcus Rashford and local businesses taking up the mantle, we hope the government recognises the need to recant their decision and helps the struggling kids.