The ‘Don’t Call Me Up’ singer has been one to look out for with her songs gunning for the top spot in charts. She went deep and personal during an interview with Metro UK about her music, where she admits she is “Savage” when it comes to her lyrics.

During the sit-down with Metro UK, Mabel was asked if she gives any heads up to her ex about her songs, the 24-year-old said: 

“I don’t think I’ve ever said anything, I’m quite savage with my songwriting about people.  ‘I’m just like, you’ve made your bed, you have to lie in it. If you’re dating me and you do something wrong I’m probably going to write a song about it and the whole world would know.”  

She added: “I don’t think I’ve ever gone back to someone and said, “This song was about you”, but someone has asked me before, “Was this song about me?” and I was like, “Yeah, thanks”. Don’t Call Me Up, thanks! It was my biggest song.” 

Talking about her current project with Google Nest, she takes fans behind the creation of her original songs saying: “It must have been last year, I was going through something and it was something I really needed to get off my chest.”

“I’m an album person in terms of when I put together an album, sometimes you have to let songs go that you really love but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not close to your heart or something that you don’t want people to hear. So I thought I’d give something to my fans that they’ve never heard before through an original song.”

With millions of streams and hit singles such as Fine Line, My Lover, Finders Keepers, Cigarette, and Ring Ring, it is hard to believe she’s yet to achieve #1 on the charts but this hasn’t stopped Mabel from being motivated any less.

When asked how it feels to be so close but not yet at the top, she said: ‘Of course, I’m incredibly ambitious and things like winning a Brit, having a top 10 and those things – they feel good, I’m not going to lie,’

She continued: ‘It’s not the reason why I make music but it is good to get the reassurance that what you’re doing, people like it.  ‘I wouldn’t say I wake up every day and think I’m failing because I haven’t had a number one. I’ve achieved a lot as a 24-year-old but it’s definitely something I dream about and work towards.’ 

The ‘Fine Line’ singer believes as much as hard work and a good song could get the number one spot, it’s all down to luck.

‘I think the beautiful thing about music and about hits is there is no formula which is terrifying because you’ll have a hit and be like, OK so I’ve done this once, I should be able to do this again,’ she said.  

‘It just happens sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m obsessed with magic and I think music is the closest thing to that because you can’t control it. It happens when it happens. Everything can look great on paper, you can think great, this session I’ll write a massive tune, and it might not happen.’ 

‘That’s why I do what I do. I want to make people feel good but I’m also chasing that high of today could be the day I write the song that could change my life,’ she said. 

Mabel added: ‘You never know when you write a song but I would say you have a hunch. ‘There’s a feeling with a song where you think, I connect so heavily to this, I think my fans will too.’

With her philosophy of being ‘just one song away from your biggest moment’, Mabel is set for a number one sooner rather than later.