Lil Nas X has found himself on the wrong side of an argument with the Trans community after the Grammy-winning rapper replied to a critique from a member of the group who said his recent apology was supposedly “fake.”

The purported apology from Nas X was in response to immense backlash after the “Old Town Road” hitmaker shared an image of a woman he suggested was him after a “successful” trans surgery.

X wrote, “The surgery was successful,” before later giving a shout to the woman in the post, tagging IG user @glowprincess.

Shortly after his post, people from the Trans community appeared to take offense, with one Twitter user asking the rapper why he is “making transitioning a punchline of a joke.” Lil Nas X responded in a deleted tweet that he was only “saying she looks like me y’all cannot be fuckin serious.”

X then appeared to recognize his mistake, after which he took to Twitter to issue an apology to the Trans community, writing:

“Apologies to the trans community. I def handled that situation with anger instead of considering why it was not cool. Much love to you guys. Sorry.”

Following his apology, an alleged member of the Trans community appeared to call out the artist and claimed his apology was “fake.”

The Twitter user wrote, “Baby, this apology ain’t it! You need to apologize [to] the trans community in material ways that include money, sharing your platform to raise awareness, and just keep it! This is fake as hell!”

Nas who seemingly took offense to the assertion, then responded in a since-deleted tweet, “girl eat my ass.”

Seemingly amused by X’s tweet, the Twitter user replied after Nas’ tweet reached her timeline: “But lol baby I’m trans. Why are you dunking on me? I guess what I said struck a nerve because what’s this?”

X’s blunt response to the Twitter user appears to be upsetting, given the 23-year-old singer has long been an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and identifies as gay himself.

However, Lil Nas X has yet to release a statement following the back-and-forth with the Twitter user.

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