Lil Nas X is once again speaking up against being snubbed during an award nomination.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, X appeared to have been triggered by BET Awards’ refusal to nominate the ‘Montero’ hitmaker for their upcoming awards event.

X wrote in a since-deleted tweet, “Thank you, BET Awards. An outstanding zero nominations again. Black excellence!”

Lil Nas X has received only one BET Award nomination, for Best New Artist in 2020, which he lost to Roddy Ricch. Given the success of X’s 2021 debut album ‘Montero,’ the BET Awards’ decision appeared to have surprised many fans, as the album received several nominations last year, including Grammys.

Nas, however, didn’t only have to prove himself to BET though, as a Twitter user asked the multi-talented artist why he should be considered for a nomination.

X replied in response, “IDK maybe 3 of the biggest songs of last year and a critically acclaimed album. I feel like that should’ve helped me a bit.”

The 23-year-old then went on to explain the challenges many Black LGBTQ individuals face, saying:

“I just feel like Black gay ppl have to fight to be seen in this world and even when we make it to the top, mfs try to pretend we are invisible.”

Some users went on to assert that Lil Nas X was overlooked because his genre-fusing music is generally categorized as “pop.” Nas will respond by educating them that BET Awards has a Pop category.

“No offense, but u are literally of caucasian persuasion and trying to school me on an award show I’ve watched my entire childhood,” Lil Nas X tweeted. “It’s not the hip-hop awards + they have a pop category+ ratio.”

Nas’s alleged claims come after the ‘Old Town Road’ singer failed to walk away with an award during the Grammy Awards, even with five nominations this year.


Furthermore, Nas is gearing up to hit the road for his first-ever tour dubbed, Long Live Montero Tour,’ which is scheduled to begin in September in Chigaco, before heading to New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. X will then proceed to begin his European tour which includes cities such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain.