In a sit-down interview with Lee Cowan a correspondent of CBS Sunday Morning in her home, Lady Gaga opened up about the darkest times in her life.

Cowan asked, “What was the darkest? What was so dark about that particular time?” she replied “I mean, honestly, Lee, I just totally gave up on myself. I hated being famous. I hated being a star. I felt exhausted and used up.”

She went on to talk about her previous album, “Joanne.” Which was named after her father’s sister, who died at only 19. She said, “I was writing about his trauma from my father’s life that became my trauma in a lot of ways, and I thought I could fix my dad.”

But her answer to the question “Did it work?” was “No. I could never fix that.”

When asked “Did you think about suicide?” she said “Oh, yeah. Everyday. Yeah. I lived in this house while people watched me for a couple of years, to make sure that I was safe.”