According to TMZ, Ray J’s claims that Kris Jenner was in the thick of negotiations for the distribution of the infamous sex tape are false.

Per the outlet, Kris never engaged in negotiation with Vivid Entertainment, which distributed the tape in 2007, according to sources with firsthand knowledge. Kim and Ray J are said to have interacted directly with Vivid and their attorneys.

Speaking in his interview, Ray J asserted that Kris and Kim worked on a plan to sell the sex tape, following Paris Hilton’s massive financial success with the same content. However, according to TMZ, sources claim Kris had no involvement in the tape’s planning, and that she was hands-off and had no interaction with Vivid.

This, however, doesn’t rule out the possibility that Kris was operating behind the scenes, as Ray J asserts, as the fact is that Vivid could not have published the tape without approval from both Kim and Ray, since that would be a definite easy-win suit because they aren’t authorized to use anyone’s name or likeness on tape without their permission.

Kim filed a lawsuit against Vivid for invasion of privacy, however, the case was subsequently dropped. According to TMZ, the two received a $1 million advance, which was divided 50/50, with 49 percent of the profits from the tape going to them. According to reports, the video sold about $100 million, exceeding Paris Hilton’s. As a result, Ray and Kim are said to have earned $49 million.