To promote Black voices in cultural conversation, Kevin Hart and Charlamagne tha God is partnering up with Audible for this purpose.

Under the terms of the sprawling, the duo will tap Black actors, actresses, writers, singers, and more storytellers to create the audio project across several different genres, which all of its content will be produced the dynamic and creative duo under their respective entertainment companies: Hartbeat Productions and CTHAGOD World Productions.

Speaking recently Kavin Hart said that the overall goal is to “give people of colour a better start. We’ve been starting at the bottom for quite some time and we’re just saying, ‘Let’s try to even out the playing field with a fair start out the gate.’

Charlamagne also said, “Kevin and I are two Black men from two different spaces. Same cultures, but two different spaces. He’s in comedy and I’m in the audio business and just the fact that both of us are coming together and forming this company, this vertical, this platform together, I think that says a lot. One thing that we have to continue to do as Black people is to move with unity and group operation.

According to Charlamagne, the idea to team up began to shape up more than a year ago during a brainstorming session in a New York hotel room.

We were chopping up ideas, especially on how to get new scripted content out there and get new voices heard from creatives, who may not have necessarily gotten a look into the television or film industry. It’s just like, ‘Why not the audio play?’ Getting back to when people used to gather around a radio and listen to Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds or, in more recent times, the [Serial podcast] and things like that. It was literally just that organic.

We look forward to hearing more news on this partnership.