Kanye West has certainly had a very interesting yet bizarre year so far, with huge deals with fashion brands to being slammed by wife Kim Kardashian. West has added to his plate by joining the bid for the United States Presidency, whilst also being on the ballot as a Vice President in some States. 

The ‘Jesus Is King’ rapper has confused both fans and voters alike with very contradicting decisions during his efforts to be United States President for the 2020 presidential race. From dropping out some months back, then being announced as a Vice to Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente Guerra.

The video had Kanye talk of his family, showing images of his childhood, and talks about a country he loves. Also, his website www.kanye2020.country was launched and it shows the said video with his attempt to sell presidential branded merchandise. 

This move has critics very appalled as they believe Kanye may be taking needed votes from Joe Biden, be it very little but yet also important nevertheless since this year’s elections may be the most crucial elections the United States has ever had to face in recent times.

What are your thoughts on the matter?