Kanye West looks to be making crucial decisions for his fashion comeback, following his recent social media outbursts and inflammatory remarks that have placed the rapper in hot water.

Ye claimed to have bought every Balenciaga piece he could find and rebranded it with “YE24” on the front. Despite the fact that Yeezy designs previously sold for hundreds of dollars, Ye said that each item will cost $20.

Kanye appeared to be using the clothing to advertise his second run for president, which he confirmed in a second video shared by X17 Online. Milo Yiannopolous, a controversial British commentator who Kanye said was “working on the campaign,” was shown alongside him in the video. Kanye was asked if he would run for president again in 2024, and he stated that he would.

In addition to discussing his sustainable housing designs, Kanye gave the group a tour of his studio. Ye stated that his first concern is safety while posing next to drawings of how he envisions the communities to appear. Kanye indicated that he would prove the neighborhood’s safety by relocating there himself.

Watch Kaye’s interview below.