On December 2nd, Carmela Wallace, mother of Juice WRLD, took to her son’s Instagram page to pay homage to him and their birthday rituals.

She started by saying: “Jared and I both loved celebrating our birthdays—mine is just two weeks before his. On our special days, we used to wish one another Happy Birthday dozens and dozens of times throughout the day.

Now I like to think of all the ‘Happy Birthdays’ we saved for the future. Jared would have been 22 years old today. He will forever be the light of my life. Today, we celebrate him, his immense talent and creativity, and his contributions to the world. Through his art, he spoke his truth.” Then concluded with “Happy Birthday, Jarad. We miss you. #lljw.

Juice WRLD, tragically died of an accidental overdose of oxycodone and codeine on Dec. 8th, 2019 at age 21. In his honour, Wallace launched the website LiveFree999.org, which offers resources for youth who are struggling with mental health issues.

The aim of the website is to raise awareness of mental health challenges whilst offering assistance in improving one’s mental health. The fund also offers support for “programs that help people find positive avenues to process their mental health challenges just like Jarad did with his music” and “programs that compassionately and successfully address addiction, anxiety, and depression.”

Rest In Power Legend. We miss you.