Post album release, a special copy of ‘Confetti’ was sent to fans who paid for the signed copy of the album. On arrival, many took to social media to show their concern about receiving album copies without Jesy Nelson’s signature. 

It could be explained as one fan said, that she was probably ill when the signage was being done and couldn’t join her bandmates but others also are insinuating the talented 29-year old singer may be done with the band as she pulled out of the finals for  The Search and EMAs. 

A fan tweeted: “I wonder when we’re gonna be told Jesy has left @LittleMix, no EMA performance, no the search final & no #confetti virtual party.”

Another said: “So the rumors about Jesy and  @LittleMix  are true? She left the band?”

Other fans expressed their disappointment to not having her signature, less worried about her leaving. 

They said: “Just given my sister her signed vinyl and it’s missing Jesy’s signature, idk what their team can do but any help would be appreciated,” 

“I received my signed #Confetti cd, but it is missing Jesy her signature :(((“

“Received the signed edition album today #Confetti #birthdaygift but seems to be missing Jesy’s signature. Has anyone else had this happen?”

As it stands now, everyone has been left speculating with no official confirmation from Little Mix or their management. 

We hope this was only an avoidable hindrance and not Jesy leaving the girls band.