Jesy Nelson parted ways with her record label one year after her solo career launch.

The move comes after she released her debut single after leaving Little Mix after a decade, citing mental health issues amongst others.

However, once the vibrant music video featuring Nicki Minaj was released, the ‘Boyz’ singer’s debut solo effort was received with widespread criticism over blackfishing, hindering her plans for an epic career launch.

Jesy was then forced to address the backlash, telling Vulture that she’d never been labeled with the term prior to leaving Little Mix.

She further explained, “I’m very aware that I’m a white British woman; I’ve never said that I wasn’t,” adding, “but I mean, like, I love Black culture. I love Black music. That’s all I know; it’s what I grew up on.”

The 31-year-old also responded to questions about having to block some of her social media followers who claimed she was blackfishing, where she claimed that a member of her team might have.

Jesy told the outlet that due to years of harassment online, her management team has had to remove comments and blacklist users.

Jesy’s publicist then told the outlet:

“I take all those comments made seriously. I would never intentionally do anything to make myself look racially ambiguous, so that’s why I was initially shocked that the term was directed at me.”

According to new reports, Nelson and her record label, Polydor are splitting due to failure to “agree on new music,” with the label subsequently confirming that the two have parted ways.

The label told “Polydor have amicably parted ways with Jesy. We have enjoyed working with her and everyone at the label wishes her nothing but the best for the future.”

The Sun was informed by music industry insiders that Nelson left her label to pursue a new start, and has also been taken off of the talent list on Polydor’s website.

Per the insiders, “Jesy decided it was the right time for her to make a clean break.

“She and the label have been going in different directions in recent months. And while there hasn’t been a fall-out, Jesy just felt it was better to start afresh now – while everyone was still friends.”

Adding, “Jesy enjoyed her time with Polydor – but feels, rather than go on together while having such differing musical ideas for the future, she now wants to be able to fully develop her own ideas as an individual artist.”

Despite the negative feedback, Jesy “loves the music she has been working on and is really proud of it,” another insider added.

News of the split comes after reports suggested that Nelson was “sent back to the drawing board” after label executives decided her songs “needed more work.”

Nelson is said to be working hard on her new material and is collaborating with music producers and writers including ‘Sweet Melody’ writer, Tayla Parx.

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