After the near-death experience with a near-fatal overdose on 25th Dec 2019, James decided it was time for a change in his life and got himself enrolled in a rehab center.

A former TOWIE star and friend Mark Wright booked James into a rehab center after the scary experience which saw James admit he was ready to receive treatment.

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Fast-forward to the here and now, James has fought a good fight with his addiction and is now celebrating the huge milestone, sharing a picture of two rings which had the number one and the words: ‘We’re here and we’re free’, while the other one said: ‘Hope, faith, courage’. The caption also read: ‘1 year clean and sober. A huge milestone I’m extremely proud of’.

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During an interview on Loose Women last year, James emotionally spoke about his past challenges and broke down when his mum discussed his past battles with addiction.

James said: ‘I was the biggest I’d ever been, 23 and a half stone, I hated everything about myself, all-time low.
‘I remember around that period, I was using drugs for like two or three days straight in my house, I had locked myself in and it was pitch black in the house.’

Being so brave to speak very openly about his addiction and challenges, James said: ‘I feel this time, after going to Thailand to work on myself for a few months, this time I really believe in my heart of hearts, this is the time I’m going to stay clean and sober forever.

‘I believe that I felt I could discuss it and be accountable. I felt it was worst kept secret, stories throughout the years… during breaks for TOWIE it was known but I never spoke about it.’

Acknowledging the difficulty in getting over his addiction, James shared that he feels a sense of relief as a ‘big weight’ has been lifted off his shoulders and now has a ‘responsibility’ to help others in a similar situation.

James’ mum was sure to let her son know how much she is proud of his ability to fight and stay sober.

She said: ‘Absolutely devastating. I’ve never gone public talking about my son’s addiction it’s a really big thing. I support him, so proud, nine months clean and sober we have to rejoice in this.

‘I want to help other mothers with children going through this – it’s [the] worst nightmare a mother could face.’

Congratulations to James Argent on his one year anniversary of being ‘clean and sober’.