KCON the festival celebrating Korean music and aspects of the culture which began in 2012 in California has expanded across the globe since then as an event of K-Pop. With an online version of the event happening this year in the wake of coronavirus.

One country which has missed so far is the UK, but there are rumors that we could be getting our bit of the action.

As it stands there hasn’t been any confirmation that a UK version of Kcon will happen.

The speculation started after someone posted a tweet of what they claimed was a job advert they had found looking for translators to work at a UK Kcon event in Manchester in April 2021. The ad was looking for Korean speakers to work for 10days for the duration of the event, to work with K-Pop acts and their staff and management.

The tweet read, “Erm GUYS. GUYS!!!!!!! So, I was looking for a job online in events and I CAME ACROSS A JOB ADVERTISING TRANSLATOR POSITIONS FOR UK-KCON NEXT IN APRIL 2021!!!! KCON IS COMING TO THE UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“