YEEEAAH! Network caught up with the Norwegian R&B artist, Marie Noregar and the released of her new 7-track EP Gravity. Marie showcases vulnerability in the soulful delivery in the music but we were interested to know the stories behind some of the songs, her talent in photography and some her thoughts on women being clear about what they want.


Hey Marie, thanks for having a chat with me. Before we get into speaking more about your new EP ‘Gravity’, tell us more about yourself. How did you begin your journey into music?

Good question! It’s almost weird. I feel like I’ve always had an unconscious vision of it. 

I’ve always loved music and singing! But for a long period, I had a feeling inside of me that it was not meant for me.. so I enjoyed doing a lot of other creative stuff instead. But while I was working as a freelance photographer I felt like I didn’t manage to communicate enough. I loved to write but I didn’t know what to do with the poems.. it just felt like I wasn’t walking on two legs. Then the summer of 2018 I started to sing again and I recognised the love I got for singing .. and I just felt more empowered, also because I felt like the music connected all the dots. I understood that I had to do music as well to feel more like myself. 


What was your early exposure to r&b and soul music, who are your inspirations, and what is it about the R&B that supports you to be able to get your stories across? 

Well when I was a kid we had “singstar” in my childhood home. I was playing that game non-stop and was especially drawn to the songs of destiny’s child and Alicia keys. I also had something called “hits for kids” and it had songs from Sugarbabes, Pussycat Dolls, Mario, Erykah Badu and I loved their songs. 

Besides the house music, my father also played Frank Ocean and a lot of different soul and rap songs. We used to bond especially over “all good” from de la soul ft Chaka khan. Then my grandmother loves Otis Redding. Aretha Franklin and several other beautiful musicians. I’ve always loved to sing soul and r&b cause there is so much room to improvise and play with the voice.. and the rhythm makes your body feel it! I would say that Alicia Keys is one of my biggest r&b inspirations.. then there are so many other truly talented artists and they keep coming!


We also noticed that you have a talent for photography. How much does your photography impact the art and the music artwork you create?

Thank you! It’s very important to me to finalise the artwork so it makes sense with the song. It’s important for me to make something that speaks about the same thing that the music does. I also highly believe that for example with music videos: When you see a good music video to a song, it just highlights the whole message in the song.. and you get a whole other relationship with it. I think it’s so important to sit with a story in your head when you listen to a song .. at least for me, that’s when a song really matters to me. If I feel a certain type of way and I put the song on. I will feel supported by that story. That’s what I want to do as well with my music and artwork. 



You’re now on the campaign for your music to reach a wider audience extending beyond your hometown of Norway. How have you found it trying to get your music heard?

I’m so happily surprised that my music has reached an audience at all considering the year of covid and that I released my first single during the first lockdown. There has been no possibility to perform on stage for example.. but we’ve been creative. It’s defiantly a hard year for new musicians and artist in general.. but I feel like music and art is so important for people and there will never really be a wrong time to share… music can be a better therapist than the therapist itself. I am just really excited for things to open up. Again so I can make my music alive and connect with people for real. 


Your debut EP Gravity is out now. When did the work on the EP begin?

Most of the songs on the EP were made some years ago. Adore, soulfully high and eager to feel were all made in 2018.. then Gravity, roots and on you were made in 2019. I choose to make the EP with all the first tracks that I made just because I feel like I’ve expanded so much during the process. When I started the project I really didn’t have that much experience in making my own music.. so it’s really been a whole learning experience. The tracks I’ve made later on are quite different in my opinion. I have another way of expressing myself now. It felt right to share my first tracks first 🙂 


What was the process like working on the EP and how did you manage during lockdown?

Well, as you now know all the track were made before the pandemic, so the ep Was more or less finalised. What we’ve been working on this year are the visuals. I and my partner Oswald had been browsing ideas thru out the year. Some of the covers are self-portraits I did years back and then we had several shoots during this year.. mostly happening in my apartment. The music videos of adore and soulfully high is both filled up with clips taken during the years. Then The music video for gravity was shot in a studio with me, Oswald, my friend Maja and my grandmother in one day. 

We did what we could do out of what we had and It makes me proud to see what we created with so little! 


So we’ve picked some songs from the EP that we found the stories interesting wanted to get some insight from you about what was behind the stories of the songs. 

Adore: sounds like a story about a love you’re not over with and you’re being bold about going for what you want. What’s the story about this song?

Adore is about the feeling of being in love! Early on when you don’t really know the person you’re falling for so you’re maybe a little insecure.. you don’t dare to tell how you feel etc. Feeling exposed and fragile and almost obsessing haha! “Open the door, please don’t ignore” like you’re hoping.. please see me!” 


How important is it for women now in 2021 to go for what they want when it’s a person they’re interested in: just say it or be coy and wait for them to come to you?

Well, it’s a little controversial to what I just said. But I really feel like whether you’re a man or a woman you should just express how you feel. If you don’t, you risk being stuck waiting on something that might never happen… which can put your life on pause. Better to ask and know! If it’s a no.. yeah it sucks but at least you know where you stand and you can move on… if it’s a yes, that that’s cool you’re jumping into another chapter feeling secure. 


Gravity: this song carries a haunting element that echoes the longing to be able to see someone again that you don’t see anymore and especially a lot of people would’ve seen loss. Share more on what this song was about?

Facts, the whole song is a fiction story. I don’t know if my uncle has a Range Rover and I’ve never been to Paris. I choose to do it like that because I didn’t manage to express the real story – too painful. Instead, I put my feelings around it into fiction. Gravity Is a tribute to a close friend I lost over stupid things. All the song is speaking about is “I wish you were still here”. 


Soulfully High (Acoustic): This song we found beautiful and was a delightful addition to the EP to have an acoustic song that was composed with guitars and strings. What is the story with this song and what made you decide to throw in this surprise on the EP?

Soulfully High is probably the song I feel the most connected to, it’s the one I identify myself the most with. I wrote a poem years back and I just continued writing on it. The song is a part of my diary basically. When we started the project it was one of the first songs that came out. In autumn time 2020 we had a live stream event and we played Soulfully High stripped down with only a guitar played by Viljar Dunđerović and a cello played by Jenny Zithulele Haugen. It made so much sense to me to play it like that, it became more soulful in a way. So we decided to record that version played by the same musicians and put it on the EP! 


What are the goals that you would like to go on to achieve now that the finally EP is out?

I’m just putting it out in the universe, I’m looking forward to travelling and playing music! To just see more, to connect with people and to work with other musicians! Also, I’m enjoying planning for my upcoming album.