The Award-winning actor has always shared his love for music with fans and has kept pushing for music as a DJ. In a Twitter post, Defected Records shares a tweet captioned: “No more looking back!

@idriselba x @innerCityDet x Steffanie Christi’an. January, 2021 on Defected records.” 

In the short clip, Idris is seen turning up with dozens of lit-up screens in front of his setup. he can be seen very passionate about the track whilst tuning buttons on his rig. Defected Records went on to share tweets about working with Idris, saying:

 @idriselba: “It’s a real buzz working with legends like @InnerCityDet, I’m so thankful they collaborated with me on this song. I’ve played it on both my Defected streams and the response has been overwhelming, it felt right that I partnered with them for the release.”

Then added: @kevinsaunderson: “Working with @idriselba here in our studio at the family home was a true pleasure, we hit it off so well and gelled from the get-go. Idris came to us with a great idea so we were already inspired & it flowed nicely after discussing ways to develop the track.”


The epic collaboration is set to release the banger in January 2021. We can’t wait!