Tyler, the Creator, who serves as the producer for ‘Neon Peach,’ has hopped on the fun music video for the track, bringing his cool, calm, and collected demeanor into the picture.

The song which is lifted off Snoh’s latest album, ‘Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies’ which was released in July this year, shows the songbird looking super stylish in the trendy clip, directed by I.P.W. while donning fashionable looks like a shiny silver bodysuit whilst reclining in a foil-covered space. She subsequently dresses up as a fly lab technician, wearing a large fuzzy purple helmet and latex gloves. Tyler arrives in a small purple Lamborghini and does a fish-eye lens dance with his co-star.

Snoh spoke with Apple Music about the team-up, stating:

“He’s just one of the greats of our time,” she said. “Tyler is just skilled on a different level. On top of it, he’s the funniest person I’ve ever met. So working with him was hilarious. It never felt like work. He’s so dope, I would let him produce a whole album for me. I love his work.”

Check out the music video for Snoh and Tyler’s ‘Neon Peach’ below.