Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has teamed up with rising star Black Sheriff for a captivating new music video titled “Country Side.” The video celebrates Ghana’s rural communities and the hardworking people who call them home. The video opens with Sarkodie and Black Sheriff cruising through the countryside on a motorbike, with breathtaking shots of Ghana’s lush greenery and stunning landscapes. The vibrant and colourful visuals perfectly capture the beauty of Ghana’s rural communities.

The track’s top-notch production features a blend of Afrobeat and highlife influences that create a unique and infectious sound. Sarkodie’s lyrical prowess is on full display, with his signature flow perfectly complementing Black Sheriff’s melodic vocals. The music video is a tribute to the resilience and strength of Ghana’s rural communities, showcasing farmers, fishermen, and other workers going about their daily lives. The video’s message is a timely reminder of the importance of valuing and supporting these often-overlooked communities.