Written by Jhamie Sass

Premio Lo Nuestro’s “Banda Song Of The Year” and “The Perfect Mix Of The Year” winner, Maluma, has released the visuals of his new single “La Reina.” The Latin music idol uploaded the empowering track dedicated to women, that transmits an inspiring message about the beauty and worth that all women carry naturally, no matter their age, sexuality, culture, or physical condition in appreciation of their actual value, their essence and the magnificence of being a woman by honoring and crowning them in every way possible.

The video highlights the beauty of 17 Colombian women. Each one reflects a different personality and essence, and her own story: Yaneth Rodríguez Jiménez, Carmen Emilia Pulgarin, Angie Marquinez Montaño, Ana María Ramírez, Maritza Siagama Certiga, Diana Rodríguez Álvarez, Valentina López Rodríguez, Susana García Restrepo, Alice Barrada Castro, Alejandra Blanco Sánchez, Lina Loaiza Bran, Erika Medina Mesa, Silvia Rosa Julio, Martha Álvarez Ossa, Sara Llanos García, Marcela Vargas Osorio and Leidy Ocampo Quintero. Each woman models, sings, dances, and shines to the rhythm of this endearing and empowering song.


Speaking about the piece Maluma says: “I wrote this beautiful song in a music camp, and it came to me as a gift from above because I have always wanted to make a tribute to women. For me, the most important thing about this song is that the main characters are all these spectacular women and all the women around the world who are going to identify with it,” Maluma expressed at the shooting of the video for “La Reina”.

Directed by Juan Luis Londoño Arias (Maluma), Juan Felipe Zuleta, and Cesar “Tes” Pimienta; and produced by his very own Royalty Films, “La Reina” is set to take you through the magical journey of the feminine world.

Enjoy the official video above.




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