Mahalia has returned with a brand new single, ‘Letter To Ur Ex’ and she’s sure touching some hearts with this release.

“Letter To Ur Ex,” Mahalia’s first single of the year, is a heartfelt offering that talks of heartbreak and moving forward. The accompanying music video which is directed by Oliver Kane and Mahalia shows the singer after an intense argument with her partner.

Speaking of how the track came about, Mahalia stated:

“I remember when I wrote this song and how special it felt,” she wrote on Instagram. “When I first started writing songs as a little girl, I was always so protective of my words and my stories. I never wanted to compromise when it came to telling stories that were true to something I was going thru.

“Writing ‘letter to ur ex’ was therapy for me. Nobody else around. Just me, a cup of tea and my notepad. A way to get something off my chest calmly.”

Check out the visuals for Mahalia’s ‘Letter To Ur Ex’ below.