Mahalia has dropped an exciting new single for fans titled ‘In The Club” alongside its music video.

The music video directed by Oliver Kane and Mahalia, show Mahalia in the back of a taxi as friends arrive and leave, echoing her lyrics on toxic friendships.

Announcing the arrival of her new single on social media earlier this week, Mahalia tweeted:

“my new song is coming out on Wednesday and with this one, I wanna talk about FRIENDS. my friendships have changed and blossomed as I’ve gotten older and with each city I’ve lived in, it’s always taken me a significant amount of time to find people who are like-minded and good.”

She went on to add, “I’ve kissed a lot of frogs when it comes to mates. had to cut off a lot of bad energy. & I’ve tried to only keep people around me who allow me to be myself. that’s what my new song is all about. and I wanted to talk about some of the types of friends I’ve come across in my life.”

Taking her time to break down what types of friendships people may encounter, Mahalia concluded her tale by announcing the new single with the caption:

“and here we areeeee!!!!! 🥵.. today is the day and my god am I gassed to be giving this one to you. “in the club” is finally out and so is the video!!!!”

Adding, “made this one w three of my favourite humans. @_iamhart_ @JDReidmusic @themaxpope”

Following “Whatever Simon Says” and “Letter To Ur Ex,” “In The Club” is Mahalia’s third release of the year, and comes after she started the I Am Me artist development initiative to promote West Midlands musicians.

Take in Mahalia’s exciting visuals for ‘In The Club’ below.