The Nigerian star, SIMI has returned with her new LP titled, ‘To Be Honest.’

The 11-track record includes features from Adekunle Gold and Fave, with nine more solo tracks from SIMI, including “Born Again” and “Easy,” which highlight the singer’s raw talent.

“To Be Honest,” serves as the follow-up to SIMI’s 2019 release “Omo Charlie Champagne, Vol. 1.”

Speaking on the project, SIMI said, “This record ‘To Be Honest’ is a compilation of my stories and some really candid things I’ve wanted to say for a long time. It has a couple of songs for love and vibes because who doesn’t love, love and vibes? It’s different from anything I’ve done before, but it is also stamped with my signature inflections and emotions and passions. People see my face or hear my voice and think they already know what they’re going to get. Well, they don’t. To be honest, they don’t!”

She also spoke with Cool FM in May, where she shared on balancing motherhood and her career.

“I think it is all about prioritizing and committing to your priorities,” she said. “The more important things you have in your life, the less time to dedicate to all these things. What is even important is understanding this is hard before you even go into it so that it doesn’t overwhelm you so much.”

She went on, “I love my family, I love my daughter, I love my husband, and I love music so much, so it’s just finding that balance and committing to it.

“Because I just saw my future, so I was trying to get ahead of the whole thing because I know it is going to be hard like being responsible for another human’s life, and you know, it is not something I just want to delegate to someone else while I do other things. I’m a very hands-on mum; it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but it was necessary, so I had to do it.”

Stream SIMI’s ‘To Be Honest’ LP on Spotify and Apple Music below.