Written by Jhamie Sass

Bronx Rapper, Ice Spice is back on the scenes with her debut EP “LIKE..?.”

Ice started rapping in 2021 when her debut song, “Bully Freestyle” produced by RIOTUSA, was released on March 2021 after a video of Ice Spice doing the “Buss it” Challenge went viral on Twitter. Her “Name of Love” song also gained traction on Sound Cloud and made her popular on Instagram.

Her world-viral “Munch (Feeling you)” rap, also produced by RIOTUSA, gained popularity after getting support from Drake, who played the song on his Siriux Fm radio station, Sound 42. Granting her accolades such as Tiktok #1 Emerging Artist Prediction, BET Amplified Artist for 2022, Shazam Top Artist Prediction 2023, and VEVO 2023 DSCVR Artist to Watch.


Spice’s “LIKE..?” EP includes her popular three: “Munch,” “Bikini Bottom,” and “In Ha Mood.”


Is 2023 the year of Ice Spice?

Check out her “LIKE..?” EP below.

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