Following her critically-acclaimed single ‘Go,’ which has dominated streaming platforms in recent months, Cat Burns has returned with her new EP dubbed ‘Emotionally Unavailable.’

The 6-track EP which includes previously released ‘Go,’ describes the emotions folks experience during relationships, with titles such as ‘Learnt to Love Goodbyes,’ ‘Anxiety,’ ‘Ghosting,’ ‘We’re Not Kids Anymore,’ and ‘Emotionally Unavailable’ all telling a story.

Burns explained the thought process behind the EP, saying:

“I wanted to create a personal yet relatable EP where I express the different ways you can be ‘emotionally unavailable’ in this generation.”

We continue to be amazed by the singer-songwriter, and with the success of ‘Go’ among music enthusiasts, there’s no question that her new EP will get much-deserved praise from fans worldwide.

Stream ‘Emotionally Unavailable’ below on Spotify.