Looking stunning on the cover of the Paper Magazine latest issue, Flo Milli born Tamia Monique Carter covers topics ranging from racial issues to women supporting one another.

photo credit: PaperMagazine

Like any teenager, she recollects how she “wanted to be Instagram famous.” Amassing 20,000 followers during her freshmen year of high school, she raised the stakes and decided she needed to make it as a musician before she turned now 20.

photo credit: Paper magazine

She expressed her thoughts on racial issues saying, “I’m not gonna bash Black men, but what I am going to say is that everyone knows there’s an imbalance when it comes to Black women and the issues that we face [both inside and outside of music]. 2020 has shown us in so many ways how real and serious an issue this all is for us.”

photo credit: Paper magazine

She added, “Change needs to happen, we are still out fighting. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it but it’s the one to five ratio. For every one bad encounter you have with a significant other, you need to have five other good ones to balance it out. We need to take this and uplift one another and focus on loving each other. Love wins at the end of the day.”

Photo credit: Paper Magazine

As she was recollected how she had the support of some of the industry’s heavyweights like Cardi and Rico Nasty, but was left speechless when ‘Ho, why is you here?’ was acknowledged by Missy Elliott saying, “It’s so beautiful and refreshing that women are supporting one another again” on the topic of women supporting one another.