Following the July 2019 confirmation of the reboot/remake of the ‘Gossip Girl’ series, fans have long been waiting in anticipation for the new cast and whether any of their former favourites will make the list for the reboot.

Well, we have for you your first look at the ‘Gossip Girl’ cast members.

Each cast listed above has in its caption their role in the group and what kind of personality we can expect. Sadly, Kristen Bell will be the only original member of the cast who will return for the reboot. Bell will reprise her role as the voice of the mysterious gossip site, which in the original series was revealed to have been written by Penn Badgley’s Dan Humphries.

Sharing more on what to expect for the reboot, Gossip Girl creator Josh Safran said:

“It truly is just years after the original. It’s hard to say how many years because the original ended in 2012. But it was 2017 for the characters because we flash forward five years,” said Safran. “It really is the same world. It’s 2020. If these characters were to talk about Blair Waldorf, they’re going to talk about Blair Waldorf.

I kind of look at it as sort of what Marvel does or the DC Universe. You’re just looking at a different angle inside the universe. I think, because of that, it allows us to not feel super tied. … It’s still in the same location, it is still [about] fashion, still about privilege, about the 1 percent.”

Fans are so excited for the news and can’t wait to dive straight in for the 10 episode saga. HBO Max has yet to specify a premiere date.