Jennifer Aniston was nominated for ‘Lead Actress in Drama Series’ for her role in The Morning Show. And though she lost to Zendaya, she still had the best time of her life.

She was joined by Courteney Cox (Monica Galler) and Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay) at home. During the video call with Jimmy at her LA home.

The ladies had us all laughing as Jen joked, she’d been “roommates with Courteney since 1994’ and Courteney admitting, “Of course I’m here. We live together.” Lisa also walked into the shot and peered into the camera and joked, “Hey, is this live TV?”

Jimmy then asked Lisa if she lived with Jen too? She answered, “yeah, where else would I live?” Jason Bateman then popped up behind the ladies. Jimmy Joking, said, “I didn’t know Ross was there too?” Jen teased saying “Jason was staying at her home too, at least until he goes off to college.”

This reunion makes us highly expectant of the upcoming ‘Friends’ reunion show.