The six-time Grammy Award winner appears to be making major moves for a potential biopic with Netflix, as she has listed Teyana Taylor as a perfect match.

Taking to Twitter (where she has been dominating for her trolling of artists who use “the” in their names), she sent a tweet aimed at Netflix, informing them of her decision, if they were to have a biopic on her. Tweet reads:

“This is a case for @netflix,” she captioned the video, “Please don’t ask who I would cast to play me as it would obviously be @TEYANATAYLOR.”

Dionne asked her followers if they would watch the series, adding “I want you to be honest now.” We can safely say YES!.

When news reached Teyana, she responded with a tweet of her own.

With all the excitement, Netflix also responded to both Teyana and Dionne saying: “Taking Notes”

Dionne then replied to that tweet.

Seems everything is falling in place already. This news comes on the heels of Teyana Taylor announcing her retirement from the music industry, due to a lack of appreciation and support.

Your thoughts?