Days after Diddy made the news for throwing a birthday party for his mum and gifting her a new Bentley and $1 million, the music mogul is back making headlines as he helps out families in Miami.

With Covid-19 having devastating effects on a vast amount of people, some celebrities and organizations have taken it upon themselves to help in the best way possible.

According to Page Six, Diddy’s Sean Combs Foundation is giving a grant to an organization which in turn will help 175 households pay their rent throughout the health crisis but that’s not all.

See what we mean below.

Diddy took to his Instagram Stories to share a post informing fans in the Miami Overtown neighborhood that he and his family will be making an appearance and will be giving out gift cards, toiletries, and pay some rent.

Per Page Six reports, the project was in collaboration between Diddy’s nonprofit, Teens Exercising Extraordinary Success (T.E.E.S), Michael Gardner and Headliner Market Group, and the Miami Date County Commissioner Keon Hardemon.

Take a look inside the giveaway.

As the give-away was intended strictly for Overtown residents, every recipient was to provide identification that proves their residency.

Diddy also canceled his annual New Year’s Eve celebration in Miami due to public safety during these unforeseen times. He said: “In efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy… Unfortunately, we are not having an NYE party this year!. I hope everyone had a blessed holiday and wish you all the best for the new year.”


We love to see celebrities help during such difficult times as many families around the world have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet.

Kudos to Diddy and his partners!