Cristofher Pocasangre, the alleged beating victim, claims he’s on the verge of possibly needing back surgery to fix nerve damage.

According to Anthony Werbin of Downtown L.A. Law Group the rep for Pocasangre , his client is now suffering through structural damage to his back and spine…on top of previously diagnosed nerve damage from the incident with the rapper.

Speaking to TMZ Werbin said, “Cristofher has unbearable pain on a daily basis since DaBaby allegedly put a beatdown on him in a Bev Hills hotel last December. He’s also getting injections to his back to help ease. If Cris pain continues, he might need to get back surgery in the next couple of weeks.”

Pocasangre also claims the incident took an emotional toll on him, saying he was embarrassed and humiliated after the video started circulating on social media.

Werbin also said, “friends have been taunting Cris for not standing up for himself against DaBaby. Truth is… he says he was scared when it all unfolded.”