Dababy’s New Year isn’t going the way he had presumably planned, as the rapper has reportedly been arrested for a gun possession charge whilst shopping on Rodeo Drive.

According to TMZ, the 29-year-old rapper has been arrested on Thursday 7th Jan, after he left the Moncler star on Rodeo Drive. Reports have a security guard from the Gucci store notifying police about a man who appeared to have “a handgun in his waistband” as he walked down the street with a group of men. Soon after, authorities arrived at the scene and surrounded Dababy’s vehicle just before he was about to pull out.

Initially, Dababy and his three friends were detained as the police searched the vehicle. A handgun was reportedly found inside the car which saw the rapper booked for a misdemeanor charge of carrying a loaded firearm. His friends however were not charged as reported by TMZ.

“Police made contact with the group after they entered a vehicle and were preparing to leave the area,” a spokesperson for the police department told E! News. “An investigation followed and a 9MM handgun was found in the vehicle.”

The arrest reportedly took place at the Dolce and Gabbana store on Rodeo Drive.

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