Admittedly, most fans were shocked to see the video of Stormzy and his guys head up to Chip’s block like that. And ever since, everyone has been wondering and speculating what may have been the trigger for that reaction. Apparently D Double E, is also in the same boat as we all are, seeing as till date, nothing concrete has been shared either by Stormzy or Chip besides the diss track from Chip. 

During an interview with, D Double E who is on the promo train for his new album ‘DON’ shares his thoughts on the beef. He said: “I respect Chip because at the end of the day, if someone came to your yard and disrespect you at your yard, and you didn’t even do nothing back to them and you just took it on the head, the least you can do is speak innit?Someone else would have gone online, put up that footage straight away and just kind of tried to slander and let the newspapers do the talking.”

Double continued: “Right now, I just want to know why Stormzy done that because it’s just looking out of order at the moment. I feel sorry for Chip when he’s explaining what happened and you see the footage. 

I just think the actions are unnecessary from before. Right now, it’s just sad for the scene but at the same time it’s good for the scene. I’m friends with both and I’m cool with both so I don’t like what’s happened but there could be a good reason for it and that would make me watch them and be entertained.”

“You do something to someone and they tell you, “you’re out of order”, but when you tell them why you’ve done it, they’re like, “OK, that’s why you done it, that makes sense”. Why would you even be doing all that with your bait face?”

What are your thoughts on the beef?