This goes without saying but the internet never forgets so we got to be mindful of what message we send through as City Girls JT falls victim to her past tweets.

The resurfaced tweets from the femcee’s past contained racial slurs, offensive words relating to R.Kelly, and many other sensitive topics which lead her to delete her verified Twitter account.

The resurfaced tweets had many laughing at her sense of humour while others were appalled by the severity of the offensive slurs. However, JT created a new account where she pleaded with fans not to repost the surfaced tweets in an effort to stop an unavoidable quarrel with the names found in the tweets.

Although this won’t be the last celebrity to go through this, we hope this serves as a reminder to everyone out there to prevent them from falling into the trap if they haven’t yet caused that damage in the past. Be kind and stay respectful online.

What are your thoughts on her resurfaced tweets?