The power couple which comprises a Seattle Seahawks player and the Grammy award-winning entertainer, teamed up to offer two fragrances which will be out on November 17th.

This is recorded to be Ciara and Russell’s first beauty venture, created in partnership with manufacturer Hampton Beauty, and named R&C The Fragrance Duo.

Wilson in an interview said, “We wanted our scents to be able to be very strong individually but also be stronger together.

Ciara also added, “That aspiration is represented in the physical shape of the perfumes, which wrap around each other like puzzle pieces and link via magnet to create a larger, unified structure. The duo worked on the project ‘in thick of quarantine’ this year amid the coronavirus pandemic. This was something, I can say, made us smile. It gave us something to laugh about.

The couple worked on the project with perfumers Catherine Selig and Linda Chinery. Ciara has offered notes of pink peppercorn, peony and sandalwood, While Wilson combines black tea, lavender and musk.

Fans will be able to purchase the perfume exclusively at for $90 (50ml each).

Wilson said, “For me, I really wanted to put out something sexy. When you walk in the room, I think you want the man to bring a presence without overdoing it. That’s kind of something I’ve always wanted to feel.

The good news is a portion of the sales from the product will be donated to the couple’s Why Not You Foundation, a nonprofit working to fight poverty while advocating for education and children’s health.