In the bid to help out people who are affected by these hard times, Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper announced a surprise collaboration on Thursday. They teamed up to give out $250,000 on CashApp to say thank you to fans for their support on their musical collaboration, ‘Holy.’

With their $cashtags and the hope of receiving some money, thousands of fans shared their stories online. They gave the cash giveaway in $500 increments.

Here are some of the winners of the cash giveaway;

  • Cortney is a teacher looking to buy supplies for her class after suffering damage in an apartment fire earlier this year, during the pandemic.
  • Megan is a young woman whose father is dying from kidney failure and is trying to pay for him to have his eyesight improved during his final days.
  • Tiffany a cashier who lives paycheck to paycheck while also supporting her parents, who are out of work due to COVID and health reasons.
  • Ty is a young handyman who hustles on the side as a freelance photographer but is still struggling to pay rent and the bills. Ty tells us he’s going to use $400 of what Justin sent him for living expenses. He’ll use the remaining $100 to give back to the homeless.
  • Sakinah is a young woman who does nails. she asked for support for her business. She got a double portion of blessing as she received $500 from both the Biebs and the Rapper.

Wow! We can say the ‘Holy’ giveaway did brighten the days of about 500 people.