Pat Corcoran, former manager of Chance The Rapper has filed a suit with Cook County Court of Illinois and alleges the rapper ignored his professional advice during the build-up to Chance’s debut album, ‘The Big Day’.

Pat also claimed the rapper upon firing him in April refused to pay commissions. Documents from the suit read:

“Instead of acknowledging the numerous distractions and artistic compromises that inevitably resulted from time wasted in the studio, all of which contributed to a lackluster album evidenced by historically low ticket sales, Bennett ultimately blamed Corcoran for the judgement rendered by his fanbase rather than accept that his own lack of dedication had doomed the project.”

“Despite months of outreach and efforts at reconciliation, Bennett has refused to pay Corcoran the amounts Corcoran is fairly owed under the parties’ long-standing agreement and well-settled course of conduct.”

Chance The Rapper also released a statement to Complex which said:

“Mr. Corcoran has filed a suit for allegedly unpaid commissions. In fact, Mr. Corcoran has been paid all of the commissions to which he is legally entitled. Most of the complaint consists of self-serving and fabricated allegations that are wholly unrelated to Mr. Corcoran’s claim for commissions and were plainly included in a calculated attempt to seek attention. Those allegations are wholly without merit, are grossly offensive and we will respond to them within the context of the litigation.”

This might likely get messy before it’s resolved. Stay tuned to YEEEAAH Network for all updates regarding this case.