Cardi B’s #BardiGang has anxiously been waiting for the highly-anticipated sophomore album from the rap goddess for two years now.

During a recent interview with Footwear News, the ‘WAP’ rapper explained her reason for taking so much time to release the next album.

She said: “There’s pressure. Which is why I haven’t put out the second album. I haven’t rushed it. Everybody is waiting for that one little mistake. Everybody is dying to say this album is trash, her first one is better, I have to play it good and make sure it comes with sick everything.”

Honestly, Cardi isn’t wrong in her statement as this has, unfortunately, happened to a few artists in the past. In as much as fans can’t wait to have to hear new material, it is always worth the wait when the music finally drops and it hits as it should.

We respect Cardi B’s process and hope her fans do too.

Cardi however revealed her sophomore album is set to arrive in 2021, but no specific month was revealed.

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