The ‘WAP’ hitmaker has come out to apologize after receiving backlash for supporting and promoting a virtual fundraiser for Armenia amid the country’s conflict with Azerbaijan.

In a voice note shared on Twitter, Cardi admitted that they (She and Offset) “didn’t do their research” and also called for peace.

In the voice note, she said, “I woke up this morning and I’m seeing that I and my baby father are getting attacked. Yesterday we were trying to sell a property that we have in Atlanta. Not a big house, but you know we invest in a lot of properties. And we were trying to sell it because of the market and everything.

And our consultant is Armenia and he was really in distress because he was saying there’s a lot of terrible genocides going on in his country, and said ‘Can you please post something for a cause, for a good cause, for Armenia?’”

Last week saw Armenia and Azerbaijan fight over disputes relating to the borders in the Caucasus region following the end of the Soviet Union.


To Twitter users who claimed she supported terrorism, the rapper responded, “I don’t support terrorism.” Cardi again took responsibility for failing to do research before sharing the flyer but insisted she did not support any conflict in which innocent people are being harmed.

Cardi and Offset are not the only stars who have spoken out about the conflict, Elton John has also called for peace.