Speaking to Daily Star, Caitlyn Jenner sang high praises and commended Kim Kardashian for being a successful businesswoman, mother, and wife, whilst working on getting a law degree.

She said: ‘I’m so proud of Kimberly, not only a successful business woman but she’s working on getting her law degree and that’s amazing,’

‘She’s got kids, she’s got a husband, successful businesses and on the side, she’s working on a law degree.’

Caitlyn added: ‘To me, that’s absolutely amazing. You couldn’t be more proud of her. ‘It’s going to take her a while to get it, but she will get it eventually.’

She went on further to appreciate her entire family saying: 

Kris had a big impact on them and hopefully, I have had a big impact on them.

‘But all my kids have taken risks and putting themselves out there and have been extremely smart and I can’t be more proud of what they have been able to accomplish in their lives.’