Brittany Renner is opening up about her past sexual encounters.

The 32-year-old socialite, whose past romantic entanglements include PJ Washington, Lil Uzi Vert, Chris Brown, Colin Kaepernick, Trey Songz, Ben Simmons, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, Quincy Brown, and James Harden, has opened up about what it’s like to be associated with such a paste and the brand it creates.

Brittany stated in an interview with the well-liked YouTube podcast JustPearlyThings two days ago that she did not have fond memories of her past romantic relationships.

She said, “I hate how I’ve allowed myself to be used by men. And that came from a lack of self-worth. I did not understand my value that I was born with. I didn’t. And I gave… Again. People look at sex differently, but sex is spiritual unification. At the end of the day, I don’t care how you spin it.”

Renner went on, “It’s spiritual unification…

And people that I shared my body with — when I think about my list, it’s repulsive. Because they didn’t deserve it, but that was an outcome of me discounting my worth. And it’s disgusting. I hate even having that spiritual tie in any type of way. But yeah, I would absolutely change, sexually, how I move around.”

Brittany also discussed a range of love and relationship-related subjects throughout the conversation, including why she prefers to date well-known guys over less well-known men who work 9 to 5 jobs and have far less drama in their life.

Catch all of that and more in the podcast episode below.