Sam Ingham Britney’s attorney filed a new document on Tuesday, with Britney requesting that Bessemer Trust Company be the sole conservator of her estate and that her dad be removed. A hearing is set for Tuesday, November 11th.

The document states that Britney’s Tristar Sports and Entertainment Group business manager quit abruptly. The singer and her lawyer claim Jamie hired Michael Kane of Miller Kaplan to serve as a business manager without her knowledge or consulting her about the replacement’s fees.

The document reads, “The October 28th letter is a blatant attempt by [Jamie] to retain full functional control of her assets, books and records in the face of Britney’s objections, Tristar’s resignation and the appointment of Bessemer Trust. His simple litigation strategy is to introduce a new gatekeeper who admittedly has a major working relationship with his legal team. Therefore, Britney will be filing a petition to remove James as the conservator of the estate.

Her lawyer also added that Britney and her estate will suffer loss and injury if her father is not suspended immediately upon the appointment of Bessemer Trust.

In August, Britney asked the court to appoint Bessemer Trust Company to serve as conservator of her estate in a further attempt to remove her father as the sole conservator. Lynne Spears Britney’s mom also was in support of Bessemer Trust Company serving as conservator over her daughter’s estate.