COVID-19 regulations found a new victim and this time it is the K-Pop girl group BlackPink. ‘The Show’ which was set for 27th December has been postponed over South Korea’s Covid regulations.

BlackPink took to their socials to share the update and assure fans the show will still take place, only on a different day, whilst sending gratitude and love to all health workers and essential workers.

The message read: “We can’t wait to meet our BLINKs as soon as possible, but in order to comply with the Korean COVID-19 prevention guidelines and to ensure a safe performance, unfortunately, we have made the decision to postpone THE SHOW from December 27th until January 31st of next year.”

“Through our concert, we wanted to give you some sort of comfort during these difficult times. But the most important thing is the health and safety of everyone taking part in THE SHOW. So, in order to make sure that we prepare for the concert in a safe environment, we have decided to postpone THE SHOW.”

“Thank you so much to all the medical staff who are working nonstop to give their best efforts even at this moment, and all the people who are working very hard to disinfect, quarantine, and prevent the disease.”

Fans were super excited to have an experience like no other this month but we know waiting a month more will definitely be worth it.

To purchase access to ‘The Show’, click here and to learn more about the virtual concert, click here.

Will you be joining in?