Is it welcomed when two rappers or musicians are able to find it in themselves to squash beef and make peace.

This happened when Big Sean reached out to Kendrick Lamar on his track ‘Deep Reverence’ after the passing of their good friend Nipsey Hustle.

He rapped saying: “It wasn’t even no real issues there to begin with / Lack of communication and wrong information from people / Fueled by the ego is like mixing flames with diesel / Energy crazy, I realize that it’s a two-way street.”

During his interview with Complex recently, he said: 

“The situation was, he thought that people around him were telling him something, people around me were telling me something, and it just really wasn’t the case. 

So, when we were able to talk, it was a good reconciliation and it was a good mutual respect. Even when he heard ‘Deep Reverence,’ he hit me and was like ‘Yo, I appreciate you showing that love. I appreciate that love in the verse. You and Nip went crazy. Y’all gassed on it.’”


Sean expressed having closure after hearing from Kendrick, saying: 

“It was good to get that response from your brother. Because, on that record, I just was keeping it open and honest and real. I wasn’t trying to hold back. It was not out of disrespect, either. It was out of respect for myself and the things I’ve learned along the way.”


Sean believes the whole situation was blown up by the internet saying “What really was blowing it out of proportion, I feel like, was the internet.”