Axel Blake, the newest winner of Britain’s Got Talent is responding to claims that his participation on the much-loved ITV reality TV show was planned.

The comedian, who dazzled the judges and crowd with his first performance and was awarded the golden buzzer, was named the show’s 2022 winner.

His achievement, which he stated during his initial speech on the show, was meant to inspire his daughter and son, has been soiled by claims that his participation in the reality show was fixed.

To disprove the ‘fix’ claims, Axel has recounted his heartbreaking journey in the hopes of throwing light on his ‘struggle’ and his motivation for wanting to “better his opportunities” of becoming a comedy industry staple.

Axel stated, “I understand that you can’t always win everybody over and that everyone is entitled to their opinion. But the word ‘fix’ is a strong one, I don’t think somebody trying to become a household name and take their career to the next step should be punished for exploring every avenue possible to be able to showcase their love and craft.”

“Whilst some people will know of me, there are a lot of people out there who don’t and it’s about trying to make sure I am chasing all those opportunities out there, to help me stand out amongst all the amazing comedians and entertainers in what is a very competitive industry.

“More and more people are using social media, Tik-Tok, YouTube and it’s about making sure I’m doing everything I can to be seen out there.”

Axel continued, “I love comedy, it’s not my full-time job by any means, but I want to show my kids that if you love something, if you have a passion, if you never went to settle and always strive for more, then they can always achieve.”

Axel then detailed his efforts to make a comedy special, which is now available on Amazon Prime, and how he fell in debt after financing the entire endeavour, which he only embarked to help put his name on the map.

“A lot of people don’t know the full story, I put on the show, financed it and filmed it myself, which put me into financial debt. A year later I was able to get it on Amazon in the hope I could get more exposure as a comedian.

“Only a year later it got picked up by Amazon on a deal that expired two years ago.”

Addressing the question of why he auditioned for BGT when he had previously published an Amazon Prime show, Axel stated that as a long-time fan of the show, he thought it was finally time to put his talents on display.

“My stand-up routine was filmed and put on Amazon. I self-funded the stand-up show, nobody paid me and there was never an agreement with Amazon at the time I was sleeping in my car and driving around the UK to hand out tickets because I didn’t have a ticket operator. I would literally ask people who wanted tickets and then I would drive to them. Like a ticket Uber service,” he explained.

“There would be times I would have driven for hours and hours to go and meet somebody with tickets for my show and then they would never ever turn up. I questioned my decision, my family and loved ones were concerned at that time because it was taking a toll on me. I lived, breathed, cried for that stand-up show.

“It all came out of my own pocket – I took food of the family table so that I could pursue that stand-up gig that was completely funded and managed by me. I sorted and paid for lighting, staging, you name it, that was me.

He went on, “A year later, a friend approached me saying they could help me get it on Amazon, I didn’t receive a fee but decided to do it as it could help me get more exposure. The deal only lasted a year which is why you can’t even find it if you look now.

“Now, as an up-and-coming comedian, would you say no? After sitting in my car, sleeping, and crying in my car driving around the UK being an Uber ticket driver, and then Amazon approach you, after you and your family have sat down to discuss whether this dream is financially viable, asking when we would draw a line, would you say no to that?

“I’ve never hidden my past and I’ve always been open about previous work that I’ve done. I’m just a bloke trying to do his best, trying to strive for more. Imagine being the guy that people don’t have to Google or Wiki?! To see the likes of Romesh, Mo, Tom Davis etc all being on the circuit for years and years and grafting for their passion and now they are presenting and taking their careers even further – that’s what I hope I can show my children – that there will always be more to strive for.”