Beyonce’s ‘Black Is King’ visual album had rich inspiration from various cultures across Africa. The album is a celebration of Blackness and features songs and music videos from Beyonce’s Afro-centric album ‘The Lion King: The Gift,’ such as ‘Brown Skin Girl, Already and Power.’

Beyonce’s fans in Africa has called on the singer to announce shows across the continent as she hasn’t properly toured the continent.

During an interview with Metro, Ashely Everett, Beyonce’s longtime dance captain, has sparked hope that the singer will finally embark on an epic tour in Africa.

Sharing a few memories from the last time Beyonce was in South Africa for the Global Citizen concert with husband JayZ for a performance in 2018, she said “I love Africa, I would love to go back to Africa and tour. We did a concert there two years ago and it was just amazing to be there, I wanted to stay longer. I actually extended my trip and went to Cape Town.

When asked if there was a possibility that Beyonce will be going back to Africa when the world gets back to normal, Ashely teased: “I would love that and could see that in the future.

We hope to hear this good news soon!