Bad Bunny is Spotify’s most streamed artist globally for a third consecutive year.

According to the streaming platform’s annual report, Spotify Wrapped, Bad Bunny maintained his spot as the most streamed artist on Spotify after doing so in 2020 and 2021.

The feat was honored with the sad-face cyclops heart from his latest album, “Un Verano Sin Ti,” temporarily replacing the heart button on the streamer’s app and website. In addition, the Puerto Rican rapper-singer had two songs on the list of the most streamed songs worldwide, with “Tit Me Preguntó” coming in at No. 5 and “Me Porto Bonito” featuring Chencho Coreleon coming in at No. 4.

Naturally, “Un Verano Sin Ti” garnered the most streams of the year, with the Latin music sensation trailing only Taylor Swift and Drake on the US Spotify streaming rankings.

The second most streamed artist of the year, behind Bad Bunny, is Taylor Swift, whose chart-topping tenth studio album Midnights was released last month. Drake, who has released two full-length albums this year, came in at No. 3, while The Weeknd’s Dawn FM propelled him to No. 4. The fifth most streamed artist in 2022 was K-Pop megastars BTS, rounding off the top five.

In 2024, the Puerto Rican superstar will appear in Sony’s Marvel film El Muerto, directed by Alfonso Cuarón’s son Jonás Cuarón.