HipHop has lost an alarming number of incredible talent in recent years, and while it is not always murder, a significant number of deaths may be traced to gang violence, HipHop rivalries, and similar subjects, and it appears that more artists are increasingly speaking out against violence in HipHop.

The latest to do so is Azealia Banks, who recently took to her Instagram account to slam rappers, music execs, and their teams who contribute to the killing of musicians, saying:

“Hiphop audiences are so ghetto and backwards sometime,” Banks began.

Adding, “We need an intellectual glow up fucking pronto. We cannot be this addicted to/excited about such run of the mill human shit. Knowing that most MEN and WOMEN IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY will exchange sexual favors for Job opportunities is not news. The difference is: these white actors who are sucking dick for lead roles aren’t shooting and killing one another!!!!”

The ‘fierce’ rapper would go on to state that, “This Hip Hop murder shit really has to fucking stop. It’s not fun. It’s not gangsta, it’s not cool, it’s like, it’s ruining fucking everything.”

Banks’ comments come shortly after Bobby Shmurda took to Instagram to share similar sentiments, with the rapper releasing photos of himself surrounded by dozens of women and captioning:

“I don’t wanna see nooo guns in Videos this year str8 Gyal. Y’all n*ggas ain’t using them anyway you on the gram with it n*ggga.”

Bobby Shmurda has recently been pushing ideas about living life to the fullest and enjoying the moment. During his first Christmas after being released from prison, Bobby encouraged embracing your freedom.

He wrote at the time, “This my first Christmas home in 7 years. Don’t take this holiday for granted ya’ll. Hit the people you love! And answer those jail calls.”