The rumour was briefly mentioned during a recent episode of Fox Soul’s Cocktails With Queens, where the panellists began discussing which celebrities they believed were good in bed. At one point during the discussion, the women speculated Toni Braxton knew how to please in the sheets; however, LisaRaye McCoy immediately added, “We don’t know what [Braxton] is doing in the bedroom. She might be like Halle Berry.

Claudia Jordan then pressed McCoy on the comment: “Wait…What do you mean about Halle Berry. She’s not supposed to be good in bed?

McCoy responded, “That’s what they said. That’s what I read. And that’s what I heard. That’s what they say.

Halle Berry has responded to the circulating rumour about her bedroom skills, which quickly made headlines which caught her attention. She tweeted,

LisaRaye took to social media immediately to respond to Halle Berry saying,

F*k Outta Here Yall…. 1st @halleberry true don’t know about your snatch and NEVER said anything about you being able to keep a man personally either. Was reporting from a previous source of gossip for my show adding commentary. Distasteful? Yes ma’am i can see that. Sorry? Totally….. it was taking out of context because it was not meant that way. You are an Icon and the GOAT for real FORREAL and never want to disrespect YOU. I respect what you’ve accomplished and stand for…You represent!!. I love you @halleberry You are our Hollywood Queen. Yall bloggers should be banned for twisting, adding and building sh*t up AND we fall for it…..smh Yall have a job to do but damn I don’t want no beef with folks I like. Yall know ima say what I mean and I dont need yall help. Set the record straight. This doesn’t make me feel good… all!!! And oh @halleberry I won’t bother to ask your man. I’m sure you got that all handled but I’m sure we’ll probably report on this too so thanks for the tea. 😉