Ashanti is hard at work with a series of projects which is aimed to showcase her brilliance and shine an even wider spotlight on the multi-hyphenated artist.

The 41-year-old previously announced she is rerecording her first album, ‘Ashanti,’ after she obtained the rights to own said version. The project’s release is expected to include some new songs from the talented singer.

She also recently told Billboard about her plans regarding her music, amongst other endeavors, and that she will be busy for the rest of the year.

Now Ashanti shares about the other projects for this year which include a new movie, ‘The Plus One,’ publishing a children’s book, ‘My Name Is a Story’, and a documentary, in a recent interview with Darlene Aderoju.

See below for highlights from the Billboard interview.

Sharing On Her New Song, ‘Falling For You’:

“We’re shooting the video for the single very soon, and it should be out this summer. He leaked it and wrote on Instagram, ‘I know she’s going to be mad at me.’ I was mad. (Laughs.) It’s a very Ashanti, heartfelt song but still witty, and you can bob your head to it.”

On Not Featuring In BET’s Murder INC. Documentary:

“I’m working on my own documentary. It’s better coming from me and my experiences. My mom is known as the original momager, and she has footage that the world has not seen that is so sacred. People will be floored by the footage and stories that haven’t been told…”

On Rerecording Her Masters For Her Debut Album:

“After 20 years, I got the rights to rerecord my Universal [Music Group] albums and material [plus my album Braveheart] and own those new masters. I’m rerecording my first album now.

There were definitely obstacles [to gaining my right to rerecord]. Certain people don’t want to see you move forward and progress in life, so they try to create roadblocks. You need a strong legal team to support you and make sure you’re doing everything correctly. It’s really important as an artist to continue to spread the ownership narrative. I love what Taylor Swift did.”